Medical Cannabis

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The State has no right to dictate  to the individual what  they plant, cultivate, harvest and use. 

Medical Use - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

NORML's mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure ...

In my  my testimony at the public hearing on 3/22/17 on regulation and taxation of marijuana, I made the following comments:.

Why do you want the herb to be illegal and or regulated?

Are you someone who believes a person/s body and labor are owned by the State and thus can be regulated by the State with the idea of personal freedom to be forbidden?

Are you a Fascist, who believes the State should serve the corporations? 

Are you a liberal, who believes your superior socio/economic/educational status entitles you to decide for others how they should live their lives? Are you the type who wanted to ram an economic system down the throats of the Vietnamese with a bayonet?  Are you    concerned with the unwashed masses when you can't even take care of yourself?

Are you a reactionary who sees weed use as part of the counterculture? And do you want to take us back before the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the free speech movement, and the environmental movement? You just want to make America great again, right?

Are you a bureaucrat who wants to build the "deep state"? Do you want to expand the roster of State employees beholden to you for the sake of political power? Are you hoping for a six-figure salary as a commissioner on a new regulatory authority?

Are you a white supremacist  who wants drug laws to be able to selectively disenfranchise targeted races? Are you wanting to bring back slavery via prisoners on the chain gang? Early weed laws didn't hide the intent of the lawmakers. They were directed against the Negroes, the Puerto Ricans, the Mexicans, and other"inferior" races.

Are you a SPECIAL INTEREST lackey, who hopes to be rewarded with bribes, campaign contributions or a government relations position after leaving  theLegislature? Are you looking out for Pfizer which fears for its profits if greater use leads to more realizing pot's medical benefits? Or to help the Sacklers of Purdue Pharma to their fourteenth billion as they push their oxycontin for pain relief when a simple plant can do the job?

Are you a HERETIC/ATHEIST, who denies God's word? Genesis clearly states God gave us every seed and herb for our use. He rested on the seventh day and said it was good, Do you deny this?

Are you a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, who is getting money from the cartel drug dealers? The dealers see this law as a slippery slope to legalizing their business in "illegal" drugs, thus hurting their profits and power. Are you afraid your bribes may be cut?

Are you a hard RATIONALIST, who has become addicted to the logic of pure reason? Someone who can only operate in the world of reason and logic and scientific studies and statistics? If so, you are in danger of developing a carnivorous desire to dominate. You war on nature and your fellow man. I suggest a remedy: Go out into a wilderness area by yourself or with a lover, shed artifice and ingest a plant that can mediate reality whether magic mushrooms or some good bud. Feel ants crawling over your body. Watch a butterfly lap your sweat as it seeks salt. Listen to the birds sing.

You may never become a raoist but, at least, consider- as even the most "primitive " peoples do- that each plant has unique and special powers. Plants beat with a rhythmic vibration as the shamans know and as string theorists know. .

Further, I am a sovereign individual. I am the master of my house. I decide what seeds I plant, cultivate, harvest and consume. Be it string beans or weed, I decide. Not the Federal government, not the State, not you.

This is a republic, I am inherently by natural law imbued with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as I see fit, not the State. I do not consent to be dominated. Laws relating to cannabis are illegit. There is no allowance for them in either the Federal or CT state constitutions. Such laws are tyranny and should be resisted.

Dueling studies run us into a blind alley at this juncture. 10% according to the Yale doctor get softly addicted -more like dependent- from smoking weed while 90% do not.( Oh, by the way, I asked the good doctor outside the hearing room if he knew of what he spoke. He said he inhaled and liked it.) Do you concern yourself with the ten or the ninety? Unfortunately, he fell into a classic and predictable trap of basing his conclusion on the population that came through his door, thus falling victim to a bias-not good science at all. His comment about mice wanting to nibble on weed when presented does not indicate addiction. It indicates they were hungry and liked it. Or seriously, the rodents were susceptible to the weed due to their meager living conditions. Guess what?  These guys, when they have an enriched environment, don't get hooked.

Studies, studies. Guess what- in a "chronic" user health study, subjects surprisingly showed better lung tissue health than the control, shocking researchers. The weed in question is being used successfully to cure addiction. How can something so good, be bad?

Please simply decriminalize and get government out of people's lives where it doesn't belong.