Right to work laws are an attempt  by their proponents to be free riders. Take all the hard won benefits won by the unions and pay nothing.

Labor is being screwed by capital. Workers are producing more value than ever before per person and most of that increase in value is going to capital. See: https://democracyjournal.org/magazine/29/minimum-wage-catching-up-to-productivity/

I support economic democracy in its many forms. From quora:   

Economic democracy is a philosophical term that comes from socio-economics. Whether it is a theoretical framework or an application in the real-world scenario, the core value of the approach remains quite the same. The universal aim of economic democracy is to promote economic empowerment, stability, local control of decisions that allows less space to capital drainage and discourage all the outside interferences that hinder decentralization. 

In liberal democracies economic power is fostered by a handful of capitalists who prefer centralized production to gain maximized profits through low labor costs.

•Economic decentralization is essential to avoid discrepancies as corporate monopoly creates artificial dearth of common resources.

• It proffers to switch decision-making power from corporate managers to a larger group of public stakeholders that includes workmen, consumers, suppliers and the broader public.