Clean Energy

For a comprehensive look at the clean energy future that is within our grasp, see link below.  Now, we need to fight for it.   Trump is pushing to keep coal and nuclear plants open.  The CT DEEP seems insistent on joining his effort.  PURA has an open docket for the purpose of subsidizing Millstone. Call your representatives , DEEP Commissioner Klee, . and  PURA Chair Dykes and say no thank you to Millstone's radiation.


The future is here.

Environmental sites worth visiting.

Soil Pollution

Acrces USA,"The Voice of Eco-Agriculture", is a leading publisher of all things concern growing food with focus on organics. Following link is to a newsletter concerning soil. Soil pollution is often overlooked.  It shouldn't be. Poisons in the soil end up in the food we eat.

Plastic Pollution

Bring a cloth bag with you when you shop.

Please ask  store clerks  not to offer plastic bags.

Oct 5, 2017 - The Break Free From Plastic movement is demanding that the main culprits, including fast-moving consumer goods companies such as Nestlé, ...