In the News

Humankind has the ability  to radically alter climate cycles .  We are the  frog in the boiling pot.  

lGreat news on utility-scale solar. 

New low price record set.

Fuel efficiency standards have been clearing the air and saving drivers money. Now the Trump led swamp wants to led us back towards smog for all.

CA has mandated roof top solar for new construction.  I have called for such measures at the CT Legislature for many, many year. Building codes mandate lots of things. This is the new normal that has been very late in coming.  To those that object, I can only say: Do you prefer a coal plant next door.

Iran bashing continues unabated. Please consider:  Iran has provided boots on the ground  to defeat ISIS. It helped the US in driving El Qaeda out of Afghanistan. It allows religious freedom with Catholic churches and Judaic temples  open to all unlike "our" ally Saudi Arabia.  It has signed and observed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty unlike "our" ally Israel.