Immigration Issues

Planet Earth is not designed with borders.  In our increasingly interconnected world, capital is free to flow across borders and so is labor.

I propose adjudication for the undocumented with a path to citizenship. We must end the present status quo which allows for a permanent  population of second class citizenship.

Possible alternatives:

Perhaps a  fine equal to ten percent of one's yearly income and 100 hours of community service would be a productive penalty. 

I will advocate for mandatory citizenship classes and English language training, We need to be able to talk with each other.

I will advocate for a reduction in immigration in the short term solely   to allow time for the foreign-born 13% of our present population to integrate and prepare society for what must come.  Ignoring cultural pressures is foolish. Note nationalistic push back against immigrants in Europe.

We must develop a long-term plan to prepare  for climate change refugees which will mean open borders.